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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In this forum, in our private Support ticket system, and in other places, some common and recurring questions regarding our activities and products arise. We have set this FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions section in our forum to put them all together. In this way, it's easier to find answers for them.
FAQ regarding DiceLock cipher architecture:
- Base architecture,
- DiceLock Digested architecture,
- DiceLock Indexed architecture,
- ...
2 Topics
FAQ about DiceLock version 9.x product family.
DiceLock version 9.x product family implements DiceLock cipher architecture for Windows and Linux operating systems.
46 Topics
FAQ about other products developed by DiceLock Security that can be dowloaded.
DiceChecker and HashDigester library families of products implement:
- DiceChecker: NIST random number tests.
- HashDigester: hash digest algorithms.
5 Topics

We face common and recurring questions regarding our activities and products.

In this FAQ we try to join all these recurring questions and corresponding answers allowing everybody to find what they are looking for in an easy way.

Although this FAQ are shown as protected sections of this forum, they are live sections where we can make updates to incorporate new questions and answers that can arise from this forum or in our private Support ticket system or in any other place.