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DiceLock Educational and Research License overview.

DiceLock Security provides a comprehensive software licensing Program designed specifically for the global higher education community. It enables qualifying academic users worldwide to gain easy access to DiceLock Security technology and resources.

Current applicable DiceLock Educational and Research License since 08/04/2014 (mm/dd/yyyy) is version 1.0.

The Program supports the use of DiceLock cipher architecture, encryption and security applications in teaching and research. The Program provides software for personal use, whether as part of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classes, in research projects, or for gaining hands-on experience with DiceLock Security products. Applications are provided at no cost to end users, with participating departments being responsible for covering any and all Program’s operational costs.

General Eligibility

  • Accredited, degree-granting higher education institutions worldwide are eligible to participate in the Program.
  • The Program is restricted to educational and non-commercial research purposes ONLY by Qualified Institutions.
  • Technical schools offering accredited degrees through distance education classes are also eligible to participate in the Program

Participation in the Program is typically on a departmental basis, such as a Computer Science, Mathematics or Electrical Engineering department, but schools with multiple departments that wish to enroll may also acquire a campus license.

A Qualified Institution is any publicly- or privately-funded body that is defined as one the following:

  • University or college offering education that leads to nationally-recognized qualifications or levels of academic achievement - accredited by a regional or national accrediting council, commission, appropriate government agency, or board of education of the state or country in which the educational institution is located.
  • Research institution or consortia comprised of accredited institutions.
  • Primary, elementary or secondary school, either publicly- or privately-funded, where education is the principal objective leading to nationally recognized qualifications or levels of academic achievement,and accredited to provide education by national or regional councils or agencies.

With your departmental license you will receive:

  • Unlimited downloads of our software products.
  • Limited support through DiceLock Security web based "Support ticket" system.

The Program provides support for routine, short duration installation and base usage questions of the software. "Support ticket" system is monitored as available during normal European business hours, Monday thru Friday. Only non students can submit support requests (support to students and non-members will not be accepted).

Program support is not provided for performance tuning and integration with other products. Members are not entitled to support for reporting and seeking a resolution to defects in DiceLock Security code and publications, unless the educational institution has a separate maintenance agreement with DiceLock Security. Problems may be reported via "Technical Support ticket" system and will be resolved on a best efforts basis (for licensed products only). Fixes and code modifications are only available as new releases and fix packs are added to DiceLock Security download catalog.

Program Scope

Qualified members of the academic community – faculty, technical staff and students – can utilize the Program in the following areas:

Educational – Faculty within member institutions gain access to DiceLock Security software licenses free of cost for the purpose of classroom instruction. Students taking qualified courses can also install program software on their personal computers.

Research – Faculty within member institutions gain access to DiceLock Security software licenses free of cost as part of their non-commercial research projects. Program software can be installed in research labs as well on the personal computers of faculty and students involved in research projects.

Use of DiceLock Security software for education and research is governed by specific program guidelines and the conditions described within DiceLock Educational and Research License. Current applicable license is DiceLock Educational and Research License version 1.0.

Products Included

Participating departments gain access to DiceLock Security licensed products and technical resources.  The free products provided are ideal for instructional and research use within academic institutions, and for gaining hands-on experience with core products.

Included core products are:

DiceLock Educational and Research License also covers all related test driver programs that can be found in this web site for these core products like:

Available products are regularly updated and posted. The Program aims to provide the latest release of the core products.

Usage Guidelines

The free use licenses provided through the Program may be used for education and non-commercial research only. Please refer to the following definitions of educational, research use, infraestructure use and non-commercial research:

  • Educational use is defined as conducting educational classes, labs, or related programs for teaching and/or learning the Products, or concepts related to the Products.
  • Research use is defined as conducting non-commercial, not-for-profit research projects within an academic department or associated research group.
  • Infrastructure use is defined as use of software as a part of the affiliated organization’s infrastructure that is not intended to be used primarily for instructional or research use (as defined above).
  • Non-commercial research use is defined as conducting not-for-profit research projects whose results would be considered to be in the public domain and suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal or conference for publication.

Every copy of the Products shall be a true and complete copy, and include all copyright and trademark notices.

The Products available via the Program may not be sold, rented, leased or transferred to any third party including contractors, other department's personnel, other companies or consultants performing services for your department or institution, or students not enrolled in a Member’s class. This includes entities working on joint research projects.

One qualified faculty member of the Institution will be desiganted as Program Administrator to deal with all aspects of the Program.

Examples of Acceptable Use:

  • For example, classes on software development, introduction to programming languages, systems design and analysis, relevant mathematics courses, relevant science courses or relevant engineering courses, to name a few.
  • Lab licenses may only be installed in lab environments where the lab is primarily used for instructional or research uses.
  • Program software installed in shared lab environments can be used across different courses offered by different faculty members.
  • Faculty members as well as staff directly involved in administering systems and providing support for program software may install the software on their personal computers.
  • Students taking qualified courses or conducting research can access program software within lab machines or download program software on their personal computers. Students receiving licenses through a qualifying course or research project may strictly use the licenses for the purposes stated in the Program after the course or project is concluded.
  • Multiple academic groups in an institution may join the Program if each group meets the eligibility requirements.

The designated Program Administrator (PA) must be an employee of the department or group and is responsible for administering, managing, and enforcing the guidelines set by DiceLock Educational and Research License.

Examples of Unacceptable Use

  • Staff members who are not directly involved with system administration related to the Program, such as administrative assistants, may not install the software on their personal computers.
  • Software that is part of the Program may not be shared with non-approved departments. However, it may be installed on shared labs if the approved department’s students regularly use that lab.
  • The designated Program Administrator for the approved member may not be a teaching assistant or a student. However, teaching assistants or students may help the Program Administrator with the Program.
  • The software provided may not be sold, rented, leased, or transferred to any third party including contractors, consultants, other companies and other department personnel.
  • Software cannot be used for infrastructure purposes. Licenses acquired through the Program are for instructional, research and related personal use only and not for any other purpose outside of those stated.
  • The Program is NOT a broad commercial software-licensing program with unrestricted use. As such, the software that is obtained as part of the Program has some restrictions: such as, it may NOT be used for any infrastructure purposes whatsoever either in the classroom, the lab, or for administration purposes.

Use of free DiceLock Security software for instruction and research is governed by the specific program guidelines and the conditions described within proper available DiceLock Educational and Research License at the time the Program is applied.

IMPORTANT: These guidelines are provided for your convenience only. Please refer to proper and valid DiceLock Educational and Research License for specific license rights.


Please access "License & Sales Requests" section of our "Support ticket" system, from where it is possible to apply for a new membership.