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DiceLock Corporate License (DL-CL) is DiceLock Security license under which DiceLock Security licenses its software to be used in a Corporate environment.

Current applicable DiceLock Corporate License since 09/22/2014 (mm/dd/yyyy) is version 1.0.

DL-CL characterizations are:

  • is a typically drafted style of license agreements so you can be confident with all terms,
  • allows to modify original C++ source code, so you can make that it exactly fits your own corporate needs, it's fully and totally customizable,
  • allows to mix DiceLock products with third party software or your already internally developed software code,
  • allows to be used by:
    • your internal staff for your internal business purposes,
    • your customers in their business relations with you,
  • the license is adapted to handle the needs of corporations regarding nowadays current information technology management:
    • takes care on the need to allow direct transfer license rights from your corporation to any third party that manages and handles your own information technology resources in your behalf,
    • it is difficult and hard for a corporation to perform inhouse software developments, today corporation developments are done by specialized third party companies, and DiceLock Corporate License allows to transfer your rights to any company that you choose to perform such developments on DiceLock in your behalf,
  • grants under patent claims rights to use, make, have made, practice and/or dispose of,
  • it can be used for Commercial purposes, which are considered:
    • for commercial business,
    • in revenue-generating business,
    • in government/agency activity,
  • special care must be taken to comply with all necessary applicable international and national laws, including import/export/re-export control laws and regulations of corresponding countries and foreign jurisdictions, as well as end-user, end-use, and destination restrictions issued by international organizations, treaties and national regulations that apply.

Products Included

DiceLock Corporate License includes all software products developed by DiceLock Security. You can get them to see and verify how they work and to make or incorporate your own modifications.

Included core products are:

  • DiceLock for Windows
  • DiceLock-x for Linux

DL-CL also covers all related test driver programs that can be found in this web site for these core products. Once you have done your own internal developments with DiceLock Security core products, you can adapt freely these test driver programs to verify that your core product developments work as you expect:

  • CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms, CheckDiceLockIndexed, CheckDiceLockIVDigested-CBC, ..., for Windows, and
  • CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x, CheckDiceLockIndexed-x, CheckDiceLockIVDigested-CBC-x, ..., for Linux.