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The Different Licenses

Developer, Research & Freeware Licenses

DiceLock patent owner grants developers a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license for the development phase of any products containing the algorithm. DiceLock Security highly recommends that developers will notify us.

Free use for private purposes:

The free use of software and/or hardware containing the algorithm is strictly limited to non revenue generating data transfer between private individuals, i.e., not serving commercial purposes. Requests by freeware developers to obtain a royalty-free license to spread an application program containing the algorithm not for commercial purposes must be directed to DiceLock Security.

Special conditions applicable for academic research projects:

The use of the algorithm in academic research projects is free, provided that it serves the purpose of such project and within the project duration. Any use of the algorithm after termination of a project, including activities resulting from a project and for purposes not directly related to the project, strictly requires a site license, product license or end-user license.

Company License

The company license is designed to allow an entity (the company licensee) to use the algorithm for encryption of internal communications between its affiliates and staff (whether located at a single site or at multiple sites) and for communications with third parties being entitled to use the algorithm.

The company license comprises the

  • non-exclusive right to use the algorithm,
  • the right to produce application software for internal use only,
  • upon request: the right to put application software at the disposal of licensee's customers strictly limited to the purpose of providing services to them.

Product License

The product license is designed to allow product licensees to incorporate the algorithm into hardware and/or software, and to distribute such hardware and/or software, and/or to provide services related thereto to others.

The product license comprises

  • the non-exclusive right to use the algorithm,
  • the non-exclusive right to develop and distribute application software, toolboxes, and other products containing the algorithm.