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DiceLockTM is protected by International copyright law and in addition has been patented in several countries. Because DiceLock Security Ltd. wants to make this highly secure algorithm widely available, the non-commercial use of this algorithm is free.

However, whenever you or your company sells any products including the DiceLockTM algorithm in any of the countries listed below, it needs a license granted by DiceLock Security. See the more detailed description.

Patent Situation

Country Patent Number Issue Date Expiration Date
USA 1182777 March 24, 2009 27 October 2019
Europe 7508945 February 27,2002 27 October 2019

They cover the following countries:

France (FR)
Germany (GE)
Ireland (IR)
Spain (ES)
Switzerland (CH)
United Kingdom (UK)
United States of America (US)