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DiceLock licenses


DiceLock Product Trade licenses

windows-logosDiceLock Product Trade license is designed to allow product licensees to incorporate DiceLock for Windows or DiceLock-x for Linux (free downloads) into hardware and/or software, and to distribute and sell such hardware and/or software, and/or to provide services related thereto to others.

License terms vary widely based on your exact usage. It can go from simply ship our software with your own software developments to port the libraries, so terms may ...

DiceLock Product Corporate licenses

windows-logosDiceLock Product Corporate license is designed to allow an entity (corporation, company, enterprise, organization, agency or alike, the site licensee) to use DiceLock for Windows or DiceLock-x for Linux (free downloads) for encryption of internal communications between its affiliates and staff (whether located at a single site or at multiple sites) and for communications with third parties being entitled to use such encryption libraries.

DiceLock Prod ...
16,00 €
14,00 € unit, if at least 1000
10,00 € unit, if at least 5000
8,00 € unit, if at least 10000
For more than 15000 units request fee.

DiceLock Product Free/Libre Source Code licenses

dicelock-logowindows-logosDiceLock Security welcomes software developers' free use of DiceLock concept algorithm, DiceLock for Windows or DiceLock-x for Linux (free downloads) to be incorporated in their software and recommends registration in order to be kept updated of any further developments or updates.

DiceLock Product Free/Libre Source Code license gr ...

DiceLock Educational and Research licenses

dicelock-logowindows-logosThe use of DiceLock for Windows or DiceLock-x for Linux (free downloads), as well as patented DiceLock concept algorithm (where it applies), in research projects and for educational purposes is free, provided that it serves the purpose of such research project or educational purpose and within their duration. ...

Diverse Services


Individual Light Weight DiceLock Simplification

windows-logosDiceLock for Windows or DiceLock-x for Linux (free downloads) make use of a lot of different underlying encryption and security algorithms.
Some companies may not use or may not need all of them. They may be willing to use an established individualized and customized subset of those encryption and security algorithms that will allow to work with a simplified and handy version and at the same time to deal with a light weight DiceLock librar ...
245,00 € Not allowed purchase
Undetermined country access.

Extended Services

handshakeDiceLock Security offers services based on DiceLock cipher architecture implementation.

These services can include:
  • Integrating DiceLock with your developments or system applications,
  • Custom evaluations and benchmarkings,
  • DiceLock cipher architecture porting,
  • Development of individualized direct symmetric key modifiers or by index symmetric key modifiers as specified by customer target,
  • ...

These Extended Services are ...

Advanced Support


Priority Technical Support Rights

handshakePriority Technical Support Rights allows to establish a direct and prioritized communication with DiceLock development staff to handle any technical inquiry and support around DiceLock cipher architecture implementation, DiceLock for Windows or DiceLock-x for Linux (free downloads) C++ implementations, their test driver programs as well as about any other product like DiceChecker, DiceCheck, HashDigester or DigesterCheck.
This dir ...
49,00 €
44,00 € unit, if at least 10
39,00 € unit, if at least 20

If you want to post any inquiry regarding licenses, partnerships, sales or alike you can do it through our private free License and Sales support ticket system. User registration required.