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JDigesterCheckâ„¢ is the application that has been developed at DiceLock Security to allow everybody to verify that our JHashDigesterâ„¢ product is performing correctly the hash algorithms. dicelock-java
JDigesterCheckâ„¢ is a Java application (you can see the Screenshots ) from where you can easily with 4 clicks check JHashDigesterâ„¢.
It's a light weight application that doesn't require heavy resources, check the System Requirements !!!.

JDigesterCheckâ„¢ incorporates its own JHashDigesterâ„¢ library.

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The hash algorithms available to be ckecked are those provided by our product JHashDigesterâ„¢:
  · SHA 1
  · SHA 224
  · SHA 256
  · SHA 384
  · SHA 512
  · Ripemd 128
  · Ripemd 160
  · Ripemd 256
  · Ripemd 320