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DigesterCheckâ„¢ is the application that has been developed at DiceLock Security to allow everybody to verify that our HashDigesterâ„¢ product is performing correctly the hash algorithms. xp_icon
DigesterCheckâ„¢ is a Microsoft Windows application (you can see the Screenshots ) from where you can easily with 4 clicks check HashDigesterâ„¢.
It's a light weight application that doesn't require heavy resources, check the System Requirements !!!.

DigesterCheckâ„¢ incorporates its own HashDigesterâ„¢ library.
HashDigesterâ„¢ library allows hash digest algorithms  to work with PhysicalCryptoRandomStream class, the class that making use of AWE (address windowing extension) keeps allocated virtual memory in RAM, preventing that memory from being paged to the swap area.

Windows binary packages with Installer Windows XP

Visual Studio C++ Project & C++ Source Code Visual-Studio-2008

The hash algorithms available to be ckecked are those provided by our product HashDigesterâ„¢:
  · SHA 1
  · SHA 224
  · SHA 256
  · SHA 384
  · SHA 512
  · Ripemd 128
  · Ripemd 160
  · Ripemd 256
  · Ripemd 320