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DiceCheckerâ„¢ is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for Microsoft Windows environments. xp_icon
DiceCheckerâ„¢ is a C++ FREE software library implementing random number tests. The random number tests are implemented as classes in the DiceLockSecurity Namespace.
DiceCheckerâ„¢ contains the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file, library file to link and header files. You will be able to incorporate random number tests to yourapplications.
DiceCheckerâ„¢ library allows random number tests to work with PhysicalCryptoRandomStream class, the class that making use of AWE (address windowing extension) keeps allocated virtual memory in RAM, preventing that memory from being paged to the swap area.
The available random number test classes are:
  · Frequency
  · Block Frequency
  · Cumulative Sum Forward
  · Cumulative Sum Reverse
  · Runs
  · Longest Run Of Ones
  · Rank
  · Universal
  · Approximate Entropy
  · Serial
  · Discrete Fourier Transform

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