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#_DiceCheck_#â„¢ is the application family that has been developed at DiceLock Security to allow everybody to verify that corresponding #_DiceChecker_#â„¢ family product is performing correctly developed random number tests for the corresponding system operating or execution environment.
The random number tests available to be ckecked are those provided by our family product #_DiceChecker_#: Frequency, Block Frequency, Cumulative Sum Forward, Cumulative Sum Reverse, Runs, Longest Run Of Ones, Rank, Universal, Approximate Entropy, Serial and Discrete Fourier Transform random number tests.
dicelock-xp_icon DiceLock-Linux
dicelock-java dicelock-macosx


  Product Environment Screenshot Product verified
Windows operating systems dicelock-xp_icon
dicecheck-form DiceChecker  
Linux operating systems DiceLock-Linux
dicecheck-x-form DiceChecker-x  
Java environments dicelock-java
JDiceCheck-Select JDiceChecker  
Mac OS X environments dicelock-macosx
XDiceCheck-Select XDiceChecker  
  iDiceCheck for iPad
iOS 5 environments iOS5-Apple-dicelock
iDiceCheck-iPad-Screenshot-Select iDiceChecker  
  iDiceCheck for iPhone
iOS 5 environments iOS5-Apple-dicelock
iDiceCheck-iPhone-Select-File iDiceChecker