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In this section you can find developed Test Vector Response Files used to verify the implementations of DiceLock for Windows and Linux.

DiceLock cipher architecure presents multiple possible configurations, for this reason DiceLock implementation verification has been splitted into different sets.

This set selection is based on DiceLock main class options, DiceLockIndexed, DiceLockDigested, DiceLockIVIndexed, DiceLockIVDigested, DiceLockXTSIndexed and DiceLockXTSDigested for Windows and for Linux all of them.

Test Vectors posted in this section address the use of DiceLockIVDigested class.

DiceLockIVDigested class can be used currently with all of the following cipher architecture combinations (from left to right within each row):

  Basic cipher architecture    
  block cipher operation modes
operation modes block ciphers and key lengths
- CBC_Mode (cipher block chaining)
- CFB_Mode (cipher feedback block)
- OFB_Mode (output feedback block)
- AES 128
- AES 192
- AES 256
- Camellia 128
- Camellia 192
- Camellia 256
- Serpent 128
- Serpent 192
- Serpent 256
- Twofish 128
- Twofish 192
- Twofish 256
- TDEA (192)
  other ciphers using initialization vector
Stream ciphers
- HC 128
- HC 256
- Rabbit
- Salsa 20/20 128
- Salsa 20/20 256
- Sosemanuk 128
- Sosemanuk 256

Due to the huge amount of combinations and in order to verify DiceLock implementation, DiceLockIVDigested class verification has been splitted itself in four parts: DiceLockIVDigested with CBC (cipher block chaining) operation mode, DiceLockIVDigested with CFB (cipher feedback block) operation mode, DiceLockIVDigested with OFB (output feedback block) operation mode, and DiceLockIVDigested with other ciphers that make use of initialization vector.

This differentiation has been translated to:

  Test driver programs Response test vectors for test drivers  
CheckDiceLockIVDigested-CBC for Windows
CheckDiceLockIVDigested-CBC-x for Llinux
DiceLockIVDigested with CBC operation mode  
CheckDiceLockIVDigested-CFB for Windows
CheckDiceLockIVDigested-CFB-x for Llinux
DiceLockIVDigested with CFB operation mode  
CheckDiceLockIVDigested-OFB for Windows
CheckDiceLockIVDigested-OFB-x for Llinux
DiceLockIVDigested with OFB operation mode  
CheckDiceLockIVDigested-noOM for Windows
CheckDiceLockIVDigested-noOM-x for Llinux
DiceLockIVDigested with no operation mode