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CheckDiceLockXTSDigestedFull-x is a developed Linux program to verify DiceLock cipher architecture implementation on Linux and compatible systems to be used since DiceLock-x version

CheckDiceLockXTSDigestedFull-x addresses the use of DiceLockXTSDigested class making use of XTS_Mode operation mode (XEX-based tweaked-codebook mode with ciphertext stealing XTS block cipher operation mode algorithm) with any combination of usable block ciphers, hash digest algorithms, key modifiers and memory managers.

CheckDiceLockXTSDigestedFull-x is characterized because randomness evaluation and reciphering is performed over full ciphertext (ciphered plaintext plus ciphered hash digest of all plaintext is evaluated as a unit).

DiceLockXTSDigested class which uses XTS operation mode can make use of:

Block ciphers:
- AES 128 (Advanced Encryption Standard with 128 bit symmetric key),
- AES 192 (Advanced Encryption Standard with 192 bit symmetric key),
- AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard with 256 bit symmetric key),
- Camellia 128 (Camellia with 128 bit symmetric key),
- Camellia 192 (Camellia with 192 bit symmetric key),
- Camellia 256 (Camellia with 256 bit symmetric key),
- Serpent 128 (Serpent with 128 bit symmetric key),
- Serpent 192 (Serpent with 192 bit symmetric key),
- Serpent 256 (Serpent with 256 bit symmetric key),
- Twofish 128 (Twofish with 128 bit symmetric key),
- Twofish 192 (Twofish with 192 bit symmetric key),
- Twofish 256 (Twofish with 256 bit symmetric key),
Hash digest algorithms:
- Sha 1,
- Sha 224,
- Sha 256,
- Sha 384,
- Sha 512,
- Sha 512/224,
- Sha 512/256,
- Ripemd 128,
- Ripemd 160,
- Ripemd 256,
- Ripemd 320,
- MD 2,
- MD 4,
- MD 5,
Key modifiers:
- IncreaseKeyModifier_6_0_0_1,
- DecreaseKeyModifier_6_0_0_1,
Memory stream types:
- DefaultCryptoRandomStream (memory can be swapped to file),
- PhysicalCryptoRandomStream (memory is kept in physical RAM),

CheckDiceLockXTSDigestedFull-x & DiceLock-x cipher download package contains considered strong cryptographic algorithms in executable and full C++ source code forms. For this reason and due to current Export Policy applied in the European Community this package is only available to systems located within it.

CheckDiceLockXTSDigestedFull-x is an executable program that makes use of shared object library which implements DiceLock cipher architecture and can be used with any other program or library.

CheckDiceLockXTSDigestedFull-x & DiceLock-x cipher download package contains executable, C++ source code, instructions and the proper folder structure to execute and generate Release and Debug versions of both elements.

CheckDiceLockXTSDigestedFull-x program upon selected execution takes response test vector input files from './ResponseTests' folder and outputs generated test files to './OutputTests' folder. Due to the number of test vector files and the number of performed test, in order to easily verify DiceLock implementation correctness, test check summary is generated in each file as is explained in such generated test files section. Output test vector files can be generated making use of memory that can be swapped to file (using DefaultCryptoRandomStream) or memory locked in RAM (PhysicalCryptoRandomStream). To use memory locked in RAM some steps must be followed as it is indicated in Using physical memory in Linux.

IMPORTANT: this download does not include the proper response input test vector files which can be downloaded as a full single package or as single file or selected files from DiceLockXTSDigested over full text test vectors raw test files.


Download CheckDiceLockXTSDigestedFull-x & DiceLock-x cipher

If before downloading it you prefer to take a look to DiceLock-x cipher architecture C++ source code that it's used by CheckDiceLockXTSDigestedFull-x, you can access base used C++ source code section where all relevant header and object C++ source code files are shown.