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CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x is a developed Linux program to verify DiceLock cipher architecture implementation on Linux and compatible systems to be used since DiceLock-x version

DiceLock cipher architecture is based in combinations of well known and tested encryption and security algorithms. An important point of DiceLock-x development is to verify that the implementation of such encryption and security algorithms is correctly done. For such purpose CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x has been developed. CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x verify the correct implementation of the following encryption and security algorihms grouped by purpose (all this algorithms can be used independently from proper DiceLock architecture):

Random number tests Frequency, Block Frequency, Cumulative Sum Forward, Cumulative Sum Reverse, Runs, Longest Run of Ones, Rank, Universal, Approximate Entropy, Serial and Discrete Fourier Transform and a Suite grouping all them.
Hash digest algorithms Sha 1, Sha 224, Sha 256, Sha 384, Sha 512, Sha 512/224, Sha 512/256, Ripemd 128, Ripemd 160, Ripemd 256, Ripemd 320, Md 2, Md 4 and Md 5.
Block cipher algorithms AES 128, AES 192, AES 256, Camellia 128, Camellia 192, Camellia 256, Serpent 128, Serpent 192, Serpent 256, Twofish 128, Twofish 192, Twofish 256 and TDEA.
Crypto pad systems ANSI X.923, ISO/IEC 9797-1 or PKCS7
Block cipher operation mode algorithms CBC Mode - Cipher-block chaining, CFB Mode - Cipher feedback, OFB Mode - Output feedback and XTS Mode - XEX-based tweaked-codebook mode with ciphertext stealing.
Stream ciphers that work with initialization vector HC 128, HC 256, Rabbit, Salsa 20/20 128, Salsa 20/20 256, Sosemanuk, Sosemanuk 128 and Sosemanuk25.
Stream ciphers that work with NO initialization vector ARC4 (alleged RC 4 stream cipher) and ARC4 (alleged RC 4 stream cipher) discarding intial bits.

CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x & DiceLock-x cipher download package contains considered strong cryptographic algorithms in executable and full C++ source code forms. For this reason and due to current Export Policy applied in the European Community this package is only available to systems located within it.

CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x is an executable program that makes use of shared object library which implements DiceLock cipher architecture and can be used with any other program or library.

CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x & DiceLock-x cipher download package contains executable, C++ source code and instructions to execute and generate Release and Debug versions of both elements.

CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x will generate corresponding output test files in './OutputTests' folder. These output test vector files allow to verify at any moment that the corresponding algorithm has generated the correct operations. An 'OK' string is inserted following each individual test if harcoded expected result matches computed result, and a '@@@-ERROR-@@@' string otherwise. Output test vector files can be generated making use of memory that can be swapped to file (using DefaultCryptoRandomStream) or memory locked in RAM (PhysicalCryptoRandomStream). To use memory locked in RAM some steps must be followed as it is indicated in using physical memory in Linux.

IMPORTANT: CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x checking works over a limited set of input data and expected results for each verified algorithm. It implements encryption and security algorithm verification based on hardcoded test data (test data for input and expected output is embedded in the source code program).


Download CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x & DiceLock-x cipher

If before downloading it you prefer to take a look to DiceLock-x cipher architecture C++ source code that it's used by CheckDiceLockBaseAlgorithms-x, you can access base used C++ source code section where all relevant header and object C++ source code files are shown.