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CheckDiceLockKeyModifiers is a developed Windows program to verify DiceLock cipher architecture implementation on Windows and compatible systems to be used since DiceLock version

CheckDiceLockKeyModifiers addresses the use of symmetric encryption key modifiers to modify the encryption symmetric key to achieve encrypted-randomized sequences, if it is necessary, that is used to perform the encryption and decryption.

Two initial base kinds of encryption symmetric key modifiers have been developed:
Direct Key Modifier
Provide such symmetric encryption key to a function that returns directly a different value. For DiceLock implementation and to perform correctly encryption-randomization and corresponding correct decryption, such function must be supplied in the decryption process and must act deterministically in the same way.
By Index Key Modifier
Modify symmetric encryption key based on an index. For DiceLock implementation and to perform correctly encryption-randomization and corresponding correct decryption, such index must be supplied in the encrypted-randomized text sequence cause in decryption process that index can be applied to initial symmetric encryption key to get the correct plaintext.

These two kinds of encryption symmetric key modifiers can be used in these corresponding DiceLock cipher architecture classes:

Direct Key Modifier
By Index Key Modifier

DiceLock cipher architecture can make use of (up to version

Direct Key Modifier:
- IncreaseKeyModifier_6_0_0_1,
- DecreaseKeyModifier_6_0_0_1,
Key modifiers:
- IncreaseBase0IndexModifier_6_0_0_1,
- DecreaseBase0IndexModifier_6_0_0_1.

CheckDiceLockKeyModifiers & DiceLock cipher download package contains considered strong cryptographic algorithms in executable and full C++ source code forms. For this reason and due to current Export Policy applied in the European Community this package is only available to systems located within it.

CheckDiceLockKeyModifiers is an executable program that makes use of DiceLockCipher.dll dynamic-link library which implements DiceLock cipher architecture and can be used with any other program or library.

visualstudio2012CheckDiceLockKeyModifiers & DiceLock cipher download package contains Visual Studio 2013 Express for Windows Desktop (free version) project with executable, C++ source code and instructions to execute and generate Release and Debug versions of both elements. This program and dynamic-link library have been generated with "Visual Studio 2013 - Windows XP (v120_xp)" option, this option allows to generate programs that can be executed in Windows XP and above compatible operating systems. Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package must be installed in the operating sytem to execute it.

CheckDiceLockKeyModifiers will generate corresponding output test files in './OutputTests' folder. These output test vector files allow to verify at any moment that the corresponding algorithm has generated the correct operations. An 'OK' string is inserted following each individual test if harcoded expected result matches computed result, and a '@@@-ERROR-@@@' string otherwise. Output test vector files can be generated making use of memory that can be swapped to file (using DefaultCryptoRandomStream) or memory locked in RAM (PhysicalCryptoRandomStream). To use memory locked in RAM some steps must be followed as it is indicated in using physical memory in Windows.

IMPORTANT: CheckDiceLockKeyModifiers checking symmetric key modifier works over a limited set of input data and expected results for each verified algorithm. It implements symmetric key modifier algorithm verification based on hardcoded test data (test data for input and expected output is embedded in the source code program).


Download CheckDiceLockKeyModifiers & DiceLock cipher

If before downloading it you prefer to take a look to DiceLock cipher architecture C++ source code that it's used by CheckDiceLockKeyModifiers, you can access base used C++ source code section where all relevant header and object C++ source code files are shown.